One Response to “¿Quién parará la masacre?”

  1. Killu comenta:

    Hola, soy Enric del autocar de Taizé de Barcelona!

    os paso el correo que me envió Peter, un permanente de Taizé de Kenya:

    thank you very much for you mail,i arrived well and now things on my side and are not very good because of what is happening here,people are fighting an killing each other for nothing,and its very bad to see human beings killing each other and burning the houses,situation here is really bad people dont have food ,and things are coming expensive.

    M y friend if you have anything you would like to help us we will be very much happy,and we are hoping that what ever yiu and your good friends will assisit us with will be very much appriciated.

    i hope to hear from you soon and pray for us


    Oremos por ellos

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